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Blackberry users rejoice! Gmail Mobile 1.5 finally out December 6, 2007

Posted by brandon in blackberry, gmail.

Gmail 1.5.1The BerryReview states it sports some new features:

  • Runs much faster and uses less data
  • Allows you to view the full details of your Gmail contacts (gives you “most contacted” and “all contacts” views when searching), although you cannot edit them
  • Save a message you’re composing to “Finish Later” (only one unfinished email allowed at a time)
  • Notifies you of new mail (adds “Gmail – New Mail” to the notifications in Profile settings), although this seems to be slower than if you have your Gmail set up through BIS. Also, this option is NOT set by default, you’ll have to enable it from the Settings menu.

And some other items to note:

  • By default, it attaches a “Sent from Gmail for mobile” footer to your outgoing messages, which can be changed in Settings
  • Does not work for Google Apps users (those with a hosted domain)

Get it now from http://gmail.com/app

Gmail Mobile Version 1.5 Released! – No, really this time | BerryReview



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