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Want to blog, but don’t know how to start? July 6, 2007

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Here’s some great advice from Kyle…

Get Started Blogging with These Free Blogging Services


answertips February 23, 2007

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AnswerTips is pretty cool. It lets you get definitions and miscellaneous facts about any word you double click on an enabled site. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work with WordPress.com right now, but I’ll keep looking for a way to get it to work. It’s worth checking out though.

AnswerTips are small bubbles of information triggered by double-clicking any word on an AnswerTips-enabled page.

An AnswerTips-enabled site or blog means visitors get fast facts on 4 million topics provided by Answers.com when they double-click on any word, without opening a new browser or following outbound links. AnswerTips deliver instant definitions, explanations and facts including biographies, tech terms, geography, pop culture and much more

Answers.com – Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more

What is RSS? February 3, 2006

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“RSS” stands for Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary, and/or Rockdale, Sandow, and Southern (Railroad) (if you trust the good folks at AcronymFinder.com). Really Simple Syndication is probably the most widely agreed-upon choice. As far as we are concerned, all three acronyms do an inadequate job of describing what RSS actually is: RSS is a standard for publishing regular updates to web-based content. Using this standard, Web publishers provide updates, such as the latest news headlines or weblog postings. Meanwhile, consumers use RSS reader applications (or one of a growing number of online services) to collect and monitor their favorite feeds in one place (RSS content from a publisher, viewed in one of these readers, is often called a “feed”).

FeedBurner – About Feed Syndication

what’s a blog??!? January 3, 2006

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a blog is a website that serves as an online journal for an individual or group of contributors. topics for a blog could be almost anything… personal information, politics, business or marketing information, etc.

blog “entries” are “posted” to a blog and could include the author’s commentaries, news, images, or links to other information.
the term “blog” originally comes from weB LOG. someone who maintains one of these sites is referred to as a “blogger” and the act of maintaining a site is called “blogging.”