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need a quick virus/spyware scan? June 4, 2007

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Panda NanoScan is a browser based program the scans your computer for ickies. You install a small plugin the first time you run it. NanoScan works with IE and Firefox.

The quick scan takes about a minute to run. If you want something more thorough, the TotalScan will do a complete system scan.




Small. Fast. Powerful.



IE 7 Beta 2 Shows Progress February 3, 2006

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Microsoft’s slow march to regain momentum in the Web browser market continues with the Jan. 31 preview release of Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 7. The beta shows a lot of good progress, but, as we’ve said with almost every new IE release we’ve reviewed, it’s still playing catch-up.When the first beta of Windows Vista was released last year, Microsoft also gave the world a look at the next version of Internet Explorer. That first beta of Internet Explorer 7, however, was really more of an alpha that at best showed the direction that Microsoft was taking with its Web browser.With the Beta 2 preview release of Internet Explorer, we now see a much more polished and true beta version, and so far we are impressed with what we’ve seen. Microsoft isn’t breaking any new ground with Internet Explorer 7—as most of the features in the product were first introduced in Firefox, Mozilla and Opera—but the features in this beta release are well-implemented and will be welcomed by IE users.As previously reported, IE 7 is still slated to be available only for Windows Vista and Windows XP with Service Pack 2. However, this current beta runs only on Windows XP with SP2. The IE 7 beta can be downloaded from here.

IE 7 Beta 2 Shows Progress